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SEMA 2012 Photos

SEMA 2012 Photos uploaded and processed by Octane Media. We spent all week at SEMA and shot over 2000 photos. We have posted over 1500 of them. Most of them are here, and the entire set (over 1500 photos) is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/octanemedia/sets/72157631902474856/with/8151445253/. (more…)Read More

SEMA Photos 2010 – Day 3

SEMA 2010 was a great show and we were thrilled to be able to attend this year. We're already looking forward to attending SEMA 2011. The last day of our show coverage was on Thursday. Below are the photos from our last day there. (more…)Read More

SEMA Photos 2010 – Day 2

Yes, more photos. (more…)Read More

SEMA Photos 2010

This is just a raw, bulk export of some of the photos from today. If your company needs one of these photos, please contact us (at bottom of page) and let us know which one you need. We will be glad to color correct it for you and email you a full resolution version. (more…)Read More

SEMA Photos 2009 – Day 4

The 2009 SEMA show finally wound down today. As expected, the crowd was a little down compared to the earlier days in the week. Overall, I was very happy with the turnout at the 2009 SEMA show and I feel that it was a good indicator that the automotive industry is still doing very well despite what we all expected…Read More

SEMA Photos 2009 – Day 3

Feet hurt. Lots of walking, but more photos from SEMA 2009. (more…)Read More

SEMA 2009 Photos – Day 2

Yes, we took more pictures. Contrary to our expectations, the 2009 SEMA show is still VERY large. We still have a couple of big sections to cover today as well, so there will be even MORE pictures and maybe some video from the 2009 SEMA show. (more…)Read More

SEMA 2009 Boss Mustang Video

We bought a new Canon 7D just before the 2009 SEMA show and had to play around with the video mode a little. This is a clip we shot just before dusk. It is using the onboard mic and shot at 720/60. It is displayed below in true HD, so if your computer is not amped enough to handle it,…Read More

SEMA 2009 Photos

SEMA 2009 photos are coming soon. The 2009 SEMA show opened with a bang and the crowd was much better than we expected. Although it looks like the overall surface area of the show is down a little compared to SEMA 2008, the quality of the booths are definitely on par with previous years. Below you can see some SEMA…Read More

Octane Media at SEMA 2008

Octane Media will, once again, be on hand for the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas. The event is absolutely amazing and features the motorsports industry's top companies. From new product announcements, spectacular vehicle builds, go-cart racing and everything in between, the SEMA show is a can't miss event for any motorsports enthusiast. We will be covering a few new…Read More

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