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Magento 2 Admin Slow – CSS Merge

After performance tuning one of our Magento 2 sites, we noticed a drastic slow down in the Magento admin site. After tediously testing our server configuration (NGINX, Perconna, PHP7), we were able to attribute the slowness to the server configuration. The verified cause of the issue is the CSS merge setting (Admin > Stores > Configuration > Developer > CSS…Read More

Magento for GameDayGirlStuff.com

We seem to be getting a lot of requests for Magento lately. The platform has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and we have been with them from the beginning. It has been encouraging to see how the platform has developed into a full fledged commerce solution. We were approached by the owner of Game Day…Read More

Magento Live for Extreme Roc Rigs

We have done quite a few Magento installations now. Each time we dig into Magento, we appreciate the platform even more. Agreed, it's a huge beast and a pain to get setup, but once it's up and running it's great. The flexibility and scalability are the major benefits. You can checkout our latest Magento installation at the Extreme Roc Rigs…Read More

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