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King of the Hammers Video – Event Start

King of the Hammers 2010 had 100 entries line up on the starting line. The start of the event was exciting and foreshadowed what was surely to be some of the toughest miles driven in the lifetime of each driver. The video below shows each of the teams launching from the starting line. (more…)Read More

King of the Hammers Video – Tech Lineup

The 2010 King of the Hammers race saw a field of 100 pre-qualified teams line up for what is surely the world's toughest offroad race. Before each vehicle is cleared to compete, they must first go through a thorough tech inspection to ensure safety, for both the driver/co-driver and the other teams around them. The video below was taken while…Read More

2010 King of the Hammers Blue Torch Fab Rob MacCachren Video

King of the Hammers video is why I tagged along with the Blue Torch Fab team. I wanted to get the scoop on their race at the 2010 King of the Hammers race. Rob MacCachren was the driver. Unfortunately, the team suffered from a few broken parts along the way and wasn't able to finish the race. Rob MacCachren explains.…Read More

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