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Peachtree Club

Client: Peachtree Club Location: Atlanta, GA Project: Online Information Resource Website URL: www.PeachtreeClub.com (more…)Read More

Gator Tough Wooden Buildings

Client: Gator Tough Wooden Buildings Location: Pensacola, FL Project: Online Product Brochure, but cooler Website URL: www.gatortoughwoodenbuildings.com (more…)Read More

Rated X Motorsports

Client: Rated X Motorsports Location: Santee, CA Project: Ecommerce Website Website URL: www.RatedXMotorsports.com This was one of our first custom ecommerce websites. Rated X had some specific requirements that prevented use of an off of the shelf package, so putting together a custom solution better served their needs. They actually have two websites, both featuring their own products and content…Read More

Insurance Specialties

Client: Insurance Specialties Project: Online Signup Application Website URL: www.ISSISVS.com Please note that this site is still under development and things are still changing rapidly. When tasked with adding a specific signup process to their existing website, ISSI contacted Octane Media to make it happen. Through several phone interviews and one on-site visit, all of the requirements were determined. Even…Read More

Hutter Performance

Client: Hutter Performance Project: Website Redesign Website URL: HutterPerformance.com Octane Media was contacted by Hutter Performance with a request to bring their online presence into the "new media" age. Our main objective was to create a content management system for them which supported embedding HD video, race team biographies, and project vehicle biographies. Hutter specializes in high end modifications to…Read More


The overwhelming direction given to this project was, "make it fun". Understanding that this site was geared toward children's dentistry gave us the opportunity to design the look of the site in a way that would appeal to children, but still provide the necessary information for their parents. (more…)Read More

Lance Brannon Trailer Sales

Client: Lance Brannon Trailers Project: Company Website Website URL: www.LBTrailers.com LBTrailers has been a client of ours for years. They were actually one of our first web design clients, so having them continue to come back for more design work is always flattering. We have enjoyed building the relationship over the years. The trailer industry is not one known for…Read More


Client: Lunati Project: eCommerce Platform Creation Website URL: www.LunatiPower.com It was a great honor when Lunati contacted us about building a custom eCommerce platform for their new storefront. Almost all of us here at Octane are motorsports junkies, so the thought of working with Lunati is all the motivation we needed to pull off such a large project. The motorsports…Read More

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