WordPress for Magnum Ink

While doing some official industry research (better said, “surfing the forums at Pirate4x4.com”), I came across a company making a big splash in the custom screen printing world, Magnum Ink. The shirt designs I saw were both innovative, grungy and clean at the same time, something very hard to pull off with one creative work. I couldn’t help but reach out to them in hopes of putting a website out for them that matched their design style.

With products as innovative as those created by Magnum Ink, it was important to present those products up front. To accomplish this, we constructed a very unique layout that displayed the artwork proofs on the very front page. This type of layout creates some problems.

Problems created by this type of layout:

  1. Different screen resolutions (and thus, browser sizes) wreak havoc on displaying the artwork proofs in a symmetrical flow. When the browser resizes, the artwork proofs would normally be lost in the overflow or the grid would go from three columns to two, or worse they would cause a horizontal scroll.
  2. With smaller viewports (ie. browser window size), the right columns (news, company info) would be lost or not cause a vertical scroll.
  3. Artwork proofs don’t scale

How we solved these problems:

By using custom, but standardized Javascript and CSS we progressively enhance the HTML layout to cause a vertical scroll and affix the right column to the top right if the viewport width falls below 960px. This assures that the layout stays readable and usable on smaller computers, including the newly popular netbooks. The design also continues to maximize the size of the artwork proofs on these smaller browser layouts. You can verify this by resizing your browser while the Magnum Ink site is loaded. As the resolution lowers, notice how the proofs resize and the right column affixes to the top right.

We greatly enjoyed working with Magnum Ink on this project and are looking forward to a long lasting relationship as their company and products explode into the custom clothing market.