WordPress for AtlantaRooftopWeddings.com

One of our first clients, The Peachtree Club, in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, contact us about building a separate site for their new rooftop terrace. The site needed to be very focused and streamlined, strictly for the purpose of revealing the beauty of their new rooftop terrace and more specifically, this terrace for wedding events.

Enter WordPress. The terrace is still under construction, so we wanted to keep fresh updates on the site informing the visitors of the progress being made. Also, after the construction is completed, we still need to post frequent updates to the different program options available and updated photos from events held on the rooftop. The fluid nature of WordPress and its ability to aid in search engine optimization meant that it was a shoe-in for the platform for this new site.

We’re very happy with how it turned out.

You can view the site at AtlantaRooftopWeddings.com.