LunatiPower.comClient: Lunati
Project: eCommerce Platform Creation
Website URL:

It was a great honor when Lunati contacted us about building a custom eCommerce platform for their new storefront. Almost all of us here at Octane are motorsports junkies, so the thought of working with Lunati is all the motivation we needed to pull off such a large project. The motorsports industry has very unique challenges for eCommerce, most of which revolve around organization of product data. The platform developed for Lunati is built to take advantage of that advanced product classification as their internal product data evolves. These advanced features will be rolled out periodically over time to match their internal processes.

The new Lunati website handles all product, news, specials, and orders administration through a secure content/order management system built custom to their specific needs.

Technologies used in this project are ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, Flash, Flash Video, jQuery, and mostly standards compliant HTML and CSS.