Goolsby Customs Website

This site has been a very long time coming. For any of you that follow the custom car (or Grand Touring) scene, you know who these guys are. Their 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle has been in the media quite a bit as of late. You can check out their site for more information on this project and others.

The biggest challenge of this project is that we wanted the user interface to be adaptive to different device resolutions. So, if you were viewing on a wide screen monitor, you would get a slightly different layout making better use of your wider screen. At the same time, this site needs to be viewable on standard 1024 wide displays and mobile devices. We accomplished this by building a sliding column to the right of the main column. When the browser is resized smaller, the right-hand column slides into the main column and that content is displayed further down in the page (only on the home page). If a visitor comes to the site with a narrow monitor, the right-hand sliding sidebar never loads up and the user doesn’t notice the sidebar missing. This ensures a good viewing experience for all users, on all devices. For a demonstration, pull up and resize your browser. You will have to get it to round 1280 px wide to notice the sliding sidebar.