CRAWL Magazine WordPress

In the world of off road recreation and competition, CRAWL magazine has an immediate reputation. Nearly unbelievable photography, well written content and that great non-corporate feeling all contribute to a bi-monthly publication that is read several times over in most off road enthusiasts homes. It was a great privilege and thrill to work with such a dominant periodical to develop this website. The goal of the website is obviously to sell the magazine. In between issues, the website features updates on ongoing project builds, competition coverage, and even event videos. The website works hand in hand with the magazine to produce a “sticky” experience, taking the users deeper into content they first see within the printed pages. also features a fully-stocked SWAG store where you can purchase all of the CRAWL branded merchandise you can carry.

This website runs off of WordPress and features a custom theme which dynamically responds to the visitors screen size and device to present the most content possible as quickly as possible.