Ignite Platform

The motorsports marketplace has its own challenges somewhat different from other industries. We work from a master product / part number relationship. We have high demand for very descriptive product listings. We also have the need to list literally thousands of part numbers, all quickly searchable. These are just some of the challenges facing store owners today, but one of the most prominent issues is shipping. Previously, we ran a customized version of OS Commerce for the website. That platform was limited in how effectively it organized products and part numbers and it was very limited on how accurately it could estimate shipping and handling for orders.

Enter, the Ignite Platform.

With absolutely zero limitations, we were able to completely customize the Ignite platform to meet VERY, VERY specific requests. Just some of these requests were mentioned in the previous paragraph, and even more are in the works as you read this. One of the major benefits of the Ignite platform is the ability to respond to ANY market demand by implementing specific features not available to other platforms.

Currently, the BTF site serves thousands of products daily and makes money hand over fist for the company.