Alabama Grand Ole’ Pumpkin Patch

If you live anywhere near Birmingham, AL or have travelled interstate 65 to or from the Alabama Gulf Coast, you have surely driven through Clanton, AL. As you pass through Clanton, you will notice the big peach-shaped water immediately aside the interstate. Clanton is known for peaches and they do peaches in a big way. Clanton does other things the same way, BIG. The Alabama Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch has been one of those traditional BIG attractions. The farm has been open to the public for many, many years. Octane Media has been fortunate enough to work with the family ownership for the past few years. They have a booming business and use the website to leverage their item price lists, upcoming events and more. The website is essential in keeping the community up to date on the happenings within the farm.

This is the second revision of the website we have built for the pumpkin patch. The first version was built using the WordPress platform. The staff was happy with the look and performance of the WordPress site, but desired a site that was more easily updated and managed. We opted to create a fully custom platform based on a custom content management system built to their specific needs and computer skill level. This makes the process of keeping the website updated VERY simple.

This site is built on Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3 with a SQL Server 2008. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 quickly serves up all of the pages.