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– specialized ecommerce platform

Our goal for each new project to construct a solution that helps your business grow and make a profit. Starting with the Ignite platform allows us to use tried and tested code for the majority of ecommerce processes like displaying products, adding products to the shopping cart, checking out and order processing. Using an established foundation lets us focus more on the features that make your new website a success.

  1. Streamlined admin section – we strip out all of the confusing stuff and make it simple for you to keep your site up to date.
  2. Built on the latest web tools from the top players in the industry – ASP.NET 4, SQL Server 2008 R2, jQuery, Authorize.Net, PayPal, etc.
  3. Optimized for web standards – Ignite’s HTML is standards-based and W3C compliant. This ensures your site will be visible on many different browsers and mobile devices for years to come.
  4. Primed for growth potential – the Ignite platform is a solid set of data and object models that make up the foundation for the customizations you need to promote the uniqueness of your business.
  5. Focused on customization – your business is unique and your website should reflect that. Ignite is not an “out of the box” solution. It is a structured platform designed to be the foundation of a customized solution. You will work with our design team to reveal the key success factors for your website.  We will then add the customized functionality to your website that help you achieve your online goals, not just deploy a run of the mill ecommerce site.  Examples of customization options can be found below.

Customization Options:

  1. Category setup – product categorization is crucial to how easily customers can find products. Also, the way categories are displayed and hyperlinked dramatically affects SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Product organization – some solutions integrate better with products that have attributes (size, color, weight, etc.), as where in some situations it is better to have master products and list out available product combinations under each master product. Inventory management and internal program integration are factors in this decision. Unique part numbers and composite part numbers also come into the mix here.
  3. Product relationships – some products are actually components to other products. Building a true relationship between two products is key to cross product marketing, which can greatly increase the item count for each shopping cart. Products can also be related to other products which also increases item counts.
  4. Product display – with the capabilities of browsers increasing and the availability of broadband Internet access increasing in households and businesses, we now have the ability to very accurately portray a product to your customers. Multiple high resolution images, video and user reviews can increase the likelihood of sales for your products.
  5. Shipping calculation – there are many different ways to calculate shipping, each having their benefits and potential to affect sells. Some methods we have integrated with Ignite are external carrier (FedEx or UPS) real time calculation based on combined item weight, flat rate per product with a handling fee and flat rate per order. Your choice can greatly affect customers choosing your site over your competition.
  6. Order processing – since the Ignite platform is developed in house, our design team has a thorough understanding of how it works in relation to inventory management. We can use this experience to integrate your online orders with your existing inventory management system to streamline how you process your orders. Making the orders easy to manage is directly related to the amount of time you spend processing orders. The less time you spend on these activities, the better.
  7. Sky is the limit – due to Ignite being designed as a foundation, we can mold it in any way necessary to give your business a unique competitive advantage. There is no limit to its customization potential.

The unique combination of the Ignite platform and the specific options needed for your site are sure to make for a profitable combination, helping your website excel. Please give Brit (205.441.6265) a call to discuss your specific needs.

Complete Custom

Often times you have a product, service, or idea for a website that doesn’t fit the exact mold of standard website packages. We have the in house experience and expertise in development and design to help you get your product to the Web no matter how unique it is. Building a complete solution is sometimes initially more time consuming when compared to a off of the shelf product, but that time spent can quickly be overcome as time is saved maintaining the site and applying updates needed to keep your site fresh and at the top of your market.

Some examples of fully custom solutions:

  1. LBTrailers.com
  2. GatorToughWoodenBuildings
  3. ChildrensDDS.com
  4. ISSISVS.com

More coming soon!

We are currently working on a similar platform for specialized online communities. We will update the details of this platform as they are solidified.

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