2010 Dixie Run Photos

The 2010 Dixie Run, by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, was held at Golden Mountain Park last weekend. The turnout was great and the weather was even better. If you weren’t able to make it this year, be sure to mark your schedule for next year’s Dixie Run, which will be known as “Dixie Run 25”. Below are some pictures taken at the event. I also have some cool videos that we are editing now. They should be available shortly somewhere on the web.

  • Brit,

    Awesome pics. That pic of the kid in the Power Wheels has to be one of the coolest pics I have seen in a long time. Great job.

    Do you have a RZR now?


  • Thanks. I actually “stalked” that kid for a while before taking that picture. I’m sure his mother (walking beside him) was very concerned about me. 😉

    Yes, I do have a RZR – http://www.utvunderground.com/f63/polaris-backed-rzr-s-team-4410.html

  • LOL I can see you stalking the kid. I knew you had to wait for the right shot. It is way too cool of a pic to just turn around and snap it off. I could see you selling something like on iStockphoto.

    Cool. A guy a couple houses down from me is selling his RZR. I have been thinking about it. I think it would be cool to have one. My wife thinks it will turn bad… You know. Long hours in the shop. Tossing most of it in the trash, and spending way too much money. LOL You know how it goes. If I do decide to pick it up I will let you know.

    Keep up the cool picture snappin… you have an eye for it.

  • You should definitely pick up that RZR and race KOH with me. 😉

  • See you are trying to get me divorced. HAHA… but the idea of racing does sound cool. I need to sell this 450 I have before going off to buy something. I took it on trade for doing some work. Everyone around here says it has too much power. LOL I have been having a good times doing wheelies around the hood. Sell it for me.