Rated X Motorsports

This was one of our first custom ecommerce websites. Rated X had some specific requirements that prevented use of an off of the shelf package, so putting together a custom solution better served their needs. They actually have two websites, both featuring their own products and content (photos, etc.), but are both managed from one admin interface. This vastly simplifies updating the site.

Insurance Specialties

This online signup application features a secure signup process utilizing a custom questionnaire to ensure all of the proper information is collected from the user. The applications are then put into queue accessible to the in-house admin users who can review the details of the application and approve their application. This site also integrates with Authorize.Net for credit card processing.

Hutter Performance

The site features a fully featured, secure content management system which can be used to manage all of their products, race teams, project vehicles, and high definition videos. The videos are hosted on a social media video sharing site called Vimeo. This reduces hosting costs and provides another outlet for their video content.

2008 King of the Hill Video

Octane Media was contacted by the Rocket City Rock Crawlers to film the Annual King of the Hill competition. We put together a team of five camera operators and recorded about 70 hours of footage. The footage is currently being compiled into a DVD for distribution.


The overwhelming direction given to this project was, “make it fun”. Understanding that this site was geared toward children’s dentistry gave us the opportunity to design the look of the site in a way that would appeal to children, but still provide the necessary information for their parents.

Lance Brannon Trailer Sales

The trailer industry is not one known for pushing the limits of design or technology, so we wanted to jump at the opportunity to raise the bar with a cutting edge, quality website. The site is powered by a custom content management system that the internal staff uses to manage current inventory, unit and model details (text information, photos, etc.).


The new Lunati website handles all product, news, specials, and orders administration through a secure content/order management system built custom to their specific needs.