Event Coverage

Video – Crusher Ridge Rock Racing

Be sure to watch all the way to the end to see a great save and an "unsavable" rollover with fire - all the makings of a great weekend. This video was shot at one of the "bounty hills" called "Cro Wall" at Crusher Ridge. $800 to the first person…Read More

Video – Rick and Bubba Treetop Go-Kart Race

I had the pleasure of meeting the staff at Treetop Family Adventure yesterday while I was there to film the Rick and Bubba go-kart race. I was very impressed with their facility and attention to detail. The service was great and everyone I came into contact was friendly and carried…Read More

2010 King of the Hammers UTV Race

I was on hand at the 2010 King of the Hammers race and was very interested in seeing as much of the UTV race as possible since Octane Media is in talks with a few sponsors for a full on UTV race team for 2011. The UTV race was great…Read More

Gray Rock Spring Fling Rock Crawling Photos

Rock Crawling photos and video were the tasks of the day when I went out to Gray Rock this past weekend for the annual Spring Fling ride. The turnout was great and besides a little dust around the pits, the weekend was perfect. With all of the rain this area…Read More

2010 Atlanta Supercross Photos

Octane Media was contacted by Tom Crain of Ankle-Savers™ to cover a few of his team riders at the 2010 Atlanta Supercross event. We weren't able to secure a media pass in time, so the photos and video I was able to shoot were shot from the stands or pits…Read More

King of the Hammers Video – Event Start

King of the Hammers 2010 had 100 entries line up on the starting line. The start of the event was exciting and foreshadowed what was surely to be some of the toughest miles driven in the lifetime of each driver. The video below shows each of the teams launching from…Read More

King of the Hammers Video – Tech Lineup

The 2010 King of the Hammers race saw a field of 100 pre-qualified teams line up for what is surely the world's toughest offroad race. Before each vehicle is cleared to compete, they must first go through a thorough tech inspection to ensure safety, for both the driver/co-driver and the…Read More

2010 King of the Hammers Blue Torch Fab Rob MacCachren Video

King of the Hammers video is why I tagged along with the Blue Torch Fab team. I wanted to get the scoop on their race at the 2010 King of the Hammers race. Rob MacCachren was the driver. Unfortunately, the team suffered from a few broken parts along the way…Read More

2010 World of Wheels Photos

We were once again invited to go to the Birmingham World of Wheels show this year. The pictures we shot at this great event are below. (more…)Read More

2010 King of the Hammers Results

The 2010 King of the Hammers results show 43 of the 100 vehicles finishing the race. That's a massive attrition rate and clearly demonstrates how grueling this race is on equipment and race teams. (more…)Read More